Saturday, February 7, 2009

My Two Little Chefs

I love how my girls love to be with me in the kitchen. Many of my fondest motherhood memories thus far include cooking with my two little chefs. Aivree considers herself a 4-year-old cooking star. She often times will pretend she's on TV hosting her own cooking show. Raleigh Anne likes cooking mainly for the taste testing portion. We've had a few mishaps such last Christmas when Aivree took it upon herself to turn the stove on to 500 degrees while I had Christmas cookies in the oven. Needless to say the cookies were well done. We've had whole eggs thrown into bread mixtures (shells and all), extra TBSP of salt and yeast included into several recipes, and on occasion a Raleigh booger has shut down a whole batch of cookies. Overall though, the joy of cooking is just watching the two of them learn, laugh, and tease each other. It's a perfect day spent together.

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