Friday, July 27, 2007

Posing for the Camera

Aivree loves posing for the camera. Here a few photos that make me smile everytime I see them.

Aiv loves doing her own makeup. This is one of her special makeovers with blue eye shadow.

On Saturday night we puts curlers in Aiv's hair for church on Sunday.

For Primary music I use these bunny ears to remind the children to sing louder. Aiv loves to wear them around the house and pretend like she can't hear me. Ha Ha!

Aivree found my friend Tara's lip gloss and decided to use it as a skin moisturizer rather than lip moisturizer. Even after a good bath and scrub she smelled like watermelon for two days.

Leo the Lamby

We have a lamb. Yes, a bum lamb named Leo. He lives in our backyard and enjoys eating grass, Lilacs and teasing the dogs. Aivree adores him and calls him "Leo the Lamby."

Visiting Montana

We love to go home to Montana and visit Grandpa and Grandma. We go fishing, have picnics in the mountains, play with the horses, laugh and relax. It's GREAT!Here's the four of us on the banks of a resevoir after an evening of fishing in Montana. Pretty nice to be able to share memories together.

Here is Grandma, Marc, and Aivree on a picnic up in the mountains. This picture makes us all laugh because Grandma is trying to get rid of th mosquitos on her arms. Her face says it all.
Here's Dad and Aivree fishing for trout together.

Grandma shows Aivree how to tie a knot on her fly.

Grandma loving on Raleigh Anne.


We recently discoverd that Raleigh Anne has a love or Red Vine Licorice. Here she is with sticky goodness all over her face. Obviously she enjoyed every lick!

The Trampoline

One of Aivree's favortie activities is jumping on the tramp. She'd spend hours jumping if I let her. She loves jumping with just about anyone and anything, including her cat Maggie (who suprisingly enjoys being bounced). Here are a few tramp action-shots.

In this photo you can see Maggie in the background trying to avoid getting bounced on.

Here's Aivree getting some air as she bounces high in the sky. The cat can also be seen laying on the side of the tramp in the background.


I never knew having two girls would be so absolutely wonderful. Watching Aivree and Raleigh Anne grow as sisters and friends brings so much joy to Marc and I. It's so interesting to watch the two of them because they are completely opposite in looks as well as in personalities. They keeps us on our toes and laughing a ton!!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Camping in the Big Horns

We recently took a family camping trip to the Big Horn Mountains. Rob and Gizzy's family attended as well as Granny Kinghorn. We all had a great time visiting, hiking, fishing, laughing and eating great camping food.

Here is a picture of the gorgeous lake where we fished in the Big Horn Mountains. It was absolutely beautiful and perfectly serine.

Aivree and Brenner had a great time playing, fishing, and flirting with one another. Aivree tells Marc and I that Brenner is her boyfriend. They are a pretty cute pair of cousins!

There's nothing better than eating a fire-toasted marshmellow with Dad. Aivree was covered in sticky marshmellow for days after this camping trip. She loved every minute of it!