Saturday, February 7, 2009

Music DIVA

Aivree has decided she is going to sing I Love to See the Temple on American Idol. For weeks now she's been practicing her Bristle Block guitar with her more than helpful backup singer Raleigh Anne. She even pretends like I'm Simon, Paula, or Randy. She asks me to give her comments or helpful information so she can practice singing better. It's pretty funny.


Sean, Jessi and Jaydn Coletti said...

That's darling! How are you guys? I hope you got the letter I sent you in the mail...and had a good laugh. I happened to play a musical number in a Labelle ward on Sunday, and when I walked in I realized it was your old church! I saw Gizzy, and I walked around remembering all the ward dances, and great times we had there. It was so fun to feel nastalgic. (sp?) Love Jessi

Katie & Josh said...

So cute! Hope you're doin' good.


Sean, Jessi and Jaydn Coletti said...

HI Anne! I hope you are doing okay- and getting to sleep a little! I saw Gizzy the other day, and we planned a tenative lunch at babe's for next Wednesday. It would be so fun to see you and little Eli! Let me know if that would work for you.

Michelle said...

Hi Anne - a friend from the past here! Where are you? - I posted a comment further down - check it out!