Sunday, July 13, 2008

Fun Pictures of the Stott Fam

I love random family shots. Here are some from Matt and Nicole's wedding.

Branding at the Ranch

Nothing brings a smile to my face faster than hearing Aivree tell the story of branding Grandpa's cows. She always begins by saying, "Branding is sure hard. It stinks and the cows are really loud." These are a few photos from our trip to the ranch to brand cows. The best part was seeing Marc back on the ranch.

Grandma and Aivree.

Cousin Cory with his son Tanner and Marc with Raleigh Anne. So cool to see the two cousins together again.

Aivree kissing on Raleigh in the corral.

My handsome honey!! Ooo lala.

Sweet Moments

There were a lot of sweet moments with Granny and Poppa. Only a few got captured on camera. Here are some of my favorite moments (I have a few other photos that I love -- however, they are on Granny's camera -- I'll add them later).

Cousins and best buddies!!!

Poppa reading bedtime stories. Pretty sweet!

Granny and Kinzlee posing for the camera.

Lots of Being Wet

While at Granny and Poppa's we spent a lot of time wet. We went boating, swimming, ran through the sprinkler and rode uncle Rob's slip n' slide. Here are a few photos highlighting the wetness.

Trip to Granny and Poppa's

We just returned from our FABULOUS trip to Granny and Poppa's. It was wonderful -- boating, relaxing, eating, laughing, cooking, visiting and overall just doing nothing important...just being. The kids spent the week playing, swimming, playing, swimming, and getting VERY tan!

The trip began on Thursday night around 8 p.m. We left Sheridan very late after Marc worked. Within a hour of being on the road, both girls were fast asleep. What sweet sleeping angels.

Two Thumbs Up

Aivree thought she was pretty cool riding in Daddy's truck with his sunglasses on. She gave me two thumbs up for the experience.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Mornings with Daddy

Saturday mornings at our house usually consist of Marc and the girls hanging out on our bed reading stories, having tickling matches, and yes, playing dress-up. These pictures say it all. Marc being a fabulously patient dad with his obviously two adoring girls.

Lotion -- Modern Art

Aivree loves lotion. In fact, she loves lotion, shampoo, conditioner, hairspray, makeup etc...Not only does she love it but she loves to make art with it. Here are a few of Aivree's finer art pieces. These were obviously done with Johnson & Johnson Cucumber baby lotion. Notice her attention to detail:)

Caught in the act.
Happy to show off her artwork both on the cabinet and on her own face.

Dishwasher Diva

We call Raleigh Anne the "Dishwasher Diva." She spends nearly every waking moment climbing in and out of the dishwasher. Not only does she enjoy playing in the dishwasher but she enjoys using the dishwasher as her stage to practice her various dramatic talents which include singing at the top of her lungs, dancing (usually it's her bottom just bouncing), screaming (we've learned to call it 'Squally Raleigh"), and our favorite, The FIT (this is just a series of dramatic movements that end in Raleigh thrashing and head-butting the dishwasher door. It truly is a sight to behold). Anyhow, our little Diva keeps us VERY entertained.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Carlin House

Well, here are some photos of our latest renovation project, "The Carlin House." It's been a lot of work, but hopefully worth all the craziness.

This was the entry way we added on with Rob.

Panty Pirates

A couple of weeks ago while I was doing laundry, Aivree decided she and Raleigh Anne would be pirates. She used the laundry basket as her pirate boat, chopsticks as the oars and of course, panties for hats. Every good pirate should adorn a pair of My Little Pony panties on head to instill a bit of fear in possible enemies.
Here's Aivree trying to show me her best "grouchy" pirate face.

Raleigh Anne showing off her oar.